The All-American Rejects
The All-American Rejects


Gayness, Beijing


Opera, Classical, Polka (especially polka)

Years active

1999-present, but it's heavily desputed (sarcasm)


AAR, All American Retards


WTF Are Records


JohnJohn, Obama, The Riding Sandle

The All-American Rejects are a couple of sorry pusses from Beijing, Asia, who came to America in 1999 to pursue a banding career.

They are known for receiving the worst critical response from professional critics, with a 0% approval rating at most critic bases. They, in fact, only have a 25% approval rating at their fan bases, too, and that's really sorry. It's really saying something.

They have so far released three albums: The All-American Rejects, Move Along, and maybe even their most recent album, When the World Comes Down. People question why they are a late 1990's band and only have three albums. They really should have at least four or five by now.

And by only having eleven singles? That's not much (at all). Nope. Maybe they just don't have much confidence in themselves. But hey, if you were the All-American Rejects, would you have much confidence in yourself?

History Edit

Back in the late, late, late, late 1990's, the All-American Rejects were born and they were considered to be "completely unmainstreamed up", according to critics who reviewed their "suckish" albums.

They started off badly, having quite terrible albums, to be honest, but they started getting better with Move Along, an album that people could call their favorite. However, in 2008, when they released their third album, When the World Comes Down, people started hating them again and so now they have lost popularity.

And people hate them now because of the fact that there were only a few good songs on the Move Along album, and that's including all the okay songs from it, too.

Critical response Edit

With this band, people question if they know how bad their music is, because they act like they have "really good music", and even state that in many of the interviews that they have with other people and stuff like that.

Critics often describe the All-American Rejects as "losers", "weirdos", "frogs", and sometimes even "honestly just disturbing", and that's talking about their songs/music.

Style Edit

It is quite obvious that their style is so unoriginal and that it comes from other people for the most part, and even though they constantly deny that they stole their music, they constantly have to deal with lawsuits regarding people suing them for so amny copyright infringement claims. This happens to them quite often, but they say "it's a part of life" and everyone's like "yeah the frig right".

Their style is not original. At all. No way. You can hear their music in earlier bands from the 1990's and 1980's such as with Madonna, Britney Spears, and sometimes even Green Day.

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