Joseph Brady


September 6, 1940
Oregon, United States


Former actor


Alvin Brady
Laura (Lara) Wiltsey

Joseph Brady (family name: Varndell) (born September 6, 1940), is an American former actor from Oregon. He is the only child of Alvin Brady, a railroad conductor who perpetrated the 1942 Boulder massacre, in which 21 people, including Brady, were shot and killed. Additionally, nine people were killed by arson and one victim died from ricin poisoning, bringing the total

Personal life

Joseph Brady has reportedly been a member of Righteous Right, a right-wing organization based in New York, since the early 1970s. He repudiates most left-leaning policies, and has been labeled "alt-right" by various media outlets.[citation needed] He also refuses to acknowledge his father's involvement in the Boulder massacre, stating that "it wasn’t him".[citation needed]

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