Hot girl

Fucking CUCK

A hot girl can range from being the hottest chick that ever lived to almost the hottest chick who ever lived, depending on how hot she is, of course.

A hot girl was pretty rare back in the 20th century, due to the fact that they just didn't exist and you had to settle "for the one you really liked" and "that you should only choose the one you like from inner beauty", or whatever your parents like to tell you.

Pretty much, hot girls now make up about a 6 billionth of the world, and most of them think that they're "too good" for a guy (300 million of them), or that they're happily taken (300 million), or that they're happily taken with another woman (which is even hotter) (about 40 million of them), or they are single and don't want you (the rest of them).

So you gotta shoot lower than that or you'll never get a hottie because they don't know what they're looking for and never can.

Appearance/What's expected of them Edit

Most hot girls don't know that they're hot so they always cover up all the skin they can think of, almost to the point of which they look like they're gonna rob a bank. But some of them like to, as everyone likes, wear see-through clothing along with really short shorts that show off their awesome legs and a shirt that is either actually a bra, and that's it, or shows the stomach.

Despite popular female belief, they think that it's so hot to put they're hair up but most guys prefer it down because it just friggin adds to the beauty of one of them. Just naturally. And as for facial features, just needs to be hot. That's about it.

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