The Guitar Hero series are a dumb set of video-games that attempt to please you with their stupid wannabe gameplay which looks very stupid when the person is watching instead of playing.Playing Guitar Hero with a friend is stupid, but playing with your dog or cat is just retarded. Guitar Hero wastes your time when you could be doing something much better like going to school, and that's saying something.HISTORY:I myself don't know how many Guitar Hero games there are in the series, but I couldn't care less, either. Me and my friends are just fine playing something else like GTA or Saints Row.

Guitar Hero has never been rated Teen, and anything under Teen sucks automatically, as in it's not fun.

Reception Edit

Magazines often say that while it sucks, there's something about it that makes it appealing to people. I would say Mind Control.. That's what's been getting people into the series, and in my opinion, that's just like how people have been getting interested in bad songs on the radio and making them popular.