Grandpa Jones

Grandpa Jones.

Grandpa Jones, that old fat guy that lives down the street from your house, is that guy that's always bugging you and saying, "Hey, sup" and that's really creepy for an old, 60 year old man to be doing that when they have no clue what they're saying.

Turns out, he's an axe murderer & serial killer who does drive-bys with knives and attacks kids who are teenagers, and you're a teenager, so you're thinking, "whoa, i should probably be getting the f*** outta here" and you're probably right. In fact, go ahead and call the police and report him (or something) before he ends up killing your family and burning your house down (or something).

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Well, he usually is bald but has been frequently seen at the wig store, and he always wears black like the Grim Reaper or something (like that). He often does Six Flags commercials for no reason and has a lot of money, so he has enough to pay for all these weapons that he has stored in his garage where he parks his bulletproof car (and other things).

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