A dog, another name for an unfriendly person, is an unfriendly lady who often makes people mad with her overcockiness. She may or not be hot, but that part doesn't matter. Dogs are often mistaken for being women, but there IS a difference, despite popular belief (very strong popular belief).

What a dog may do Edit

A dog may cheat on his/her husband, and she/he may also attend to his/her funeral, but who knows if he/she will? He/She will probably be very unpredictable in situations like this, and he/she will probably get grounded before the night's over.

Lifestyle Edit

They live in houses, boxes and doghouses, along with mansions, but generally only marry old men who are rich and are about to die, so they will be rich. Sometimes they even kill the old man theirself.

Notable dogs Edit

Some notable dogs: The Joker, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Green Lantern, and the entire rest of the Justice League.

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