Charles Eggleston


c. August 1942
Massachusetts, United States


March 1, 2000
St. Louis, Missouri, United States

Known for

Co-founder of DeltaDo Records

Charles Eggleston (c. August 1942 – March 1, 2000), was an American electrical engineer and music producer who co-founded DeltaDo Records in 1985 along with Michael "Buddy" Deters.

Personal life Edit

Eggleston was born Frank Steven Greenham[1] in Massachusetts, United States. His parents grew up in Wales.

Eggleston married Cheryl Brummett in 1973. Three years later, their first and only child Jeremy "Vomsky" Eggleston was born.

References Edit

  1. Charles Eggleston, formerly Frank Greenham, is starting a record company in Dallas, Texas (archived versions of the original) 1991-07-03
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