Bush's Beans, similar to Geico and Free Credit is a very annoying commercial advertisement that you often find on television that is always about a talking dog trying to be funny but somehow it doesn't ever really work out, or, at least, it sucks with me.

The show centers around....well, really, no one knows because they're distracted by the strange annoyance of the dog that can talk and has a very boring, weak radio-announcer voice that no one really likes anyways.

Trivia Edit

  • Will Smith made a cameo appearance in a Canadian version of Bush's Beans. ha, jk, no he didn't. Yeah right.
  • The producer of the commercial was likely Billy Mays at some point in time, because he is involved with just about every single commercial you can think of right now.
  • Bush's Beans started on YouTube but got famous, just like Fred. And it's so annoying, just like Fred, too. Strangely.
  • The Bible once mentioned Bush's Beans but was being racist about it so we won't talk about that right now because most of you people are probably Christians and would be offended by just about anything being said that relates to Jesus, God, Heaven, Hell, Satan, or any other religious figure, including the Bible

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